“Patarei’s Cultural Dust 2011” is an international and interdisciplinary cultural festival for young people. Its goal is to map local cultural activity and introduce talent from the local neighborhood to a wider audience. Over two days an eclectic range of concerts, performances, dance shows and workshops will take place.

The interactive art exhibition “Lasnaborski’s aborigines” will be shown and high quality movies will be screened. At night the sea fortress-prison will be taken over by dance-fever with DJs and performers taking stage and treating guests to a night of quality music.

This year’s central theme is based around Eastern Europe’s myths and identities. Through a range of approaches we want to explore which are the most commonly known myths examining Eastern Europe and how much of their content is actually true. How does Estonia’s communist heritage inform our identity and in what ways is it currently being expressed within our society. Who is an East European? What does he eat? How does he think? Could Tallinn ever be the capital of Eastern Europe?

The event is also dedicated to being environmentally conscious and sustainable. As well as being completely unleaded and car-free, on the spot bicycle workshops will be set up, seminars on green topics will be held and thematic movies will be shown in a café-trolleybus. Additionally, the film “A Trip to Green Music” will be shown for the first time. An energetic start to the festival is given by the TTTK orchestra’s parade on the Cultural kilometer’s 0-point to Patarei’s Culture Park.